Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Under Seige!

Perhaps I should call this "Mission Creep". We had a little problem with our kitchen floor about 2 months ago....NO problem, we think. Call the tile guy and fix it. Well, the tile guys comes ( after a week and a half of calling different people) and informs us that ALL of tile has to be replaced. *sigh* That somehow lead to new cabinets and new counter tops and re-painting the walls and new curtains and, and, AND!!!!! So every day for years now ( Could it really have been only 2 months???????! I think maybe in dog years), I have a group of guys in my home. doing stuff!!! While I AM grateful, don't get me wrong! I am just starting to wear a bit around the edges. I think I may be Murphy Brown with my own crew of Eldon's. Dear God, no. please let it end and end well. amen.
Ok. We have a little pastel beach. The scene is from Topsail, NC. I am still working towards an art show but these renovations have really caused trouble with my painting schedule. It will be fine tho. As they say, "This too shall pass". .....they just never say when.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spilled Milk

They say you should not cry over spilled milk. Giving that I am more than a tad lactose intolerant, I tend to agree. My question is, "that does that advise extend to coffee?" What if the coffee is extra bold, extra delicious Starbucks Sumatra coffee with just THE right amount of 1/2 & 1/2 and a magical amount of sugar? Still no crying? Well, as I wiped this liquid libation of the GODS off of my floor, I must admit to shedding a just a few tears...
I am posting the other sky that I did actually from the same scene. It was near the end of the day and the sun was going down. It created such spectacular streaks of orange across the sky that I felt the scene was all for me!!!! I had to stop and do a few quick sketches and to take a couple of quick photos.
This one is a small and very rectangular pastel while the other was acrylic and while still a rectangle, not as extremely so.
Anyway, I am on my way up to the attic to paint. I am working on a boat scene that I started a bit ago but got to a sticking point that I could not see past. I think I MAY see it now. That, remains to be seen! *groan* sorry. Could not help it!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bliss and Joy!!

I realize that I am very lucky in that I do not sweat the small stuff very long. I do what I can and if it is not enough today , I am sure it will be tomorrow. I take pleasure in simple things like the afore mentioned daisies and the dance of the water and art in the clouds! Good Stuff, clouds! I do sketches of them often though I seldom do a completed painting of them.
This is a variation of a sky that I saw near Wilmington a few weeks ago. This one is painted with acrylics. I have done a variation of the same thought in a small pastel painting. They look completely different even though the "inspiration," if you will, was the same for both. This image making is GOOD stuff and I am glad to be a part of it!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Question of Significance.....

So I am in my studio in the attic of our house. Sweating bullets. I am working on the watercolor painting that I mentioned, but since the Watercolor GODS still are not speaking to me, this is slooow going. I am at in between spots with a couple abstract acrylics and my question is, "now what?" I look through sketches for what I had tentative thoughts about and came across a few sketches of sea gulls.
We live near the coast so these beach birds abound! I frequently collect old cereal and chips and go out to feed them. While doing this I often sketch and photograph the the birds. I marvel at how they just seem to HANG in the air and think, "This is surely what sparked the Wright brothers!" So I sketch and photograph them and go on with my life. So now. In the studio and in between things, I think. "I know!!!!" I will do one of the sea gull sketches in a decent size pastel!!!! Good Idea! So I take out that new pastel surface that I mentioned earlier and go to work. I get a few more layers on the abstracts, coax and beckoned the Watercolor GODS (to no avail, if you are wondering) and I work on the sea gulls.
So I finish the gulls (I sure say "so" alot. I'll work on that in a different blog) and wonder what is the point?!
What constitutes significant work? While I have NO IDEA of the answer to that question and even wonder if there is any reason to ask....I think the sea gulls may not make it. Oh well. Kittens?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BF and the Watercolor GODS....

So, as I have mentioned, I have been spending a lot of time working in pastels and LOVING life! I have also been doing some abstracts in acrylics that I have been finding pretty interesting. What I have NOT been doing, however, is watercolor. Not because I don't like watercolor. I LOVE watercolor. I just have been spending my time else where. That is all! Really! Am I sounding a little defensive? Perhaps. I have been thinking about doing some watercolor for a while now....I have worked up a few sketches that would lend themselves well to watercolor....but I hesitate. Why?, you might ask. Well, I'll tell you. I have not been making offerings to the WATERCOLOR GODS and I know they will NOT favor me with a reasonable outcome.
I mentioned earlier that I taught art in high school for many years...During that time, I often spoke to my students about the ART GODS. That we, as would be artist, have to show up and make offerings in the way of attempts at art to get the GODS attention (as the students said, You are a little strange, Mrs. Reed. Yeah, yeah, yeah.). With each offering you gather more and more of the GODS attention. With enough offerings they will EVENTUALLY deem you worthy and grant you a decent work of art.
I have not made offerings in a long while. I do not have the WATERCOLOR GODS favor (sad face). I must, therefore, accept the poohy paintings that I am making (sad. real sad) right now until the WATERCOLOR GODS deem me worthy.
No pic with this one as they are poohy! All in good time though. I do have faith in the WATERCOLOR GODS.
Wait! I will put in another abstract! Yes!!!