Monday, December 10, 2012

I have not been here in a very LONG time. It is not that I have not been working and is not that I have not been composing these in my head. It is just that I have not been here.

I am starting with the car because it sparked a change for me. My gallery was sponsoring a themed exhibition that they entitled, "Art of the Car". This was my answer to it. I used mostly pastel pencils which I had never done and I used Wallis paper which I had never used.  Pastel-ist  sing the praises of this paper and I mostly agree.  However, I found that this paper had slick spots! Places where my pencil would just slide across the paper unable to find traction! OMG!! I did all kind of the things to remedy it and got through. 
The exhibition was competitive with cash out out and I placed! Yay! So there I am with FREE money! What to do? What to do?!?! I bought new pastels, of course! I bought Pan pastels because I had never used those and I was curious and with FREE money there was no reason no to!
It is, after all, ll about the exploration, is it not?