Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eat Your Spinach

     I have been hearing for years how plein air painting will magically solve all of your problems. You will suddenly have an intuitive understanding of quadratic equations and where to apply them. You will glean the solution to world peace and global warming. AND it will solve ALL of your painting problems. Period. It is THE WAY. THE TAO. It is Plein AIR painting!!
     Sigh. So what could I do? I HAD to try this, right? So I packed up my art supplies for doing pastels and headed out to my spot. How did I HAVE a SPOT, you ask? Well, I have been mentally caving to the whole plein air thing for a while and have been scoping out possible sites.
I got there and while I WILL admit there was a meditative quality to experience, I did not come away any wiser. I suppose it is like eating your spinach. You don't see the benefits all at once, but the SAY good stuff IS happening.
So maybe I have to go back...?

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